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In-depth brain health testing, 1-on-1 coaching, tailored health planning, all in one place. BetterBrain helps you apply the latest science to significantly reduce your risk of Alzheimer's while improving your cognitive performance.

When was your last brain check-up?

Alzheimer’s can be detected and addressed up to 20 years in advance, yet brain testing is overlooked in modern medicine
Annual physical
Dental check-up
Brain check-up

You're right to worry about your brain...

Americans have preclinical Alzheimer's (and most don't know it yet)
Alzheimer's disease starts 20-30 years before symptoms begin
2 in 3
Americans will experience cognitive impairment

... but your trajectory is in your hands

4 in 10
Alzheimer's cases can be prevented through early intervention,and...
The other 6
Alzheimer's cases can be delayed, often by many years
avg. improvement in cognitive function from multi-modal intervention

BetterBrain is your lifelong partner in brain health

We assess your brain, but more importantly, make it easy to act on the results.
Two simple steps. Starting at $400.


$1,500+ worth of blood, genetic, and cognitive testing
Deep, insightful, and easy-to-read interpretation
Retesting that targets your specific risks


1-on-1 coaching with a brain health expert
Science-based action planning, co-created with you
Access to vetted clinical and non-clinical interventions

What you can expect

Reduce your lifetime risk of Alzheimer's

We will systematically tackle your biggest risks so you minimize your disease risk

Quickly improve your cognitive performance

You can expect noticeable (and measurable) changes within 3 months

Elevate your overall health

Enjoy the whole body health improvements that come with a comprehensive brain health program

No hassle money-back guarantee

Everything we do at BetterBrain is grounded in science. If you experience none of the benefits stated above, we'll refund 100% of your cost. Learn more here.

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