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Emerging brain science offers more good news than most realize

Fact: You can dramatically improve your brain health.

There is no magic pill for brain health (yet) - but science has shown that through a personalized set of interventions, you can dramatically reduce your risk of dementia while immediately improving your cognitive function.

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BetterBrain's promise is based in the findings from hundreds of scientific studies published in top tier journals. Some studies explore brain health holistically while others are targeted to specific risks factors or interventions.

Why haven't I heard this before?

In short, the medical system lags behind cutting edge science
  • 2 out of every 3 studies related to "Alzheimer's prevention" have been published in the last 5 years
  • Medical guidelines and clinical practice typically lag 10+ years behind new scientific research, even after a consensus is reached
  • The first Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic was opened in 2013
  • There are now ~6 such clinics in the US, but waitlists often reach 5+ years
Number of publications on PubMed for keywords "Alzheimer's prevention" over the last 25 years

Don't just take our word for it

See what some of these leading physicians and researchers have to say about preventive neurology.
Andrew Huberman, PhD
''We know that if you adjust for the appropriate lifestyle factors early enough, you can offset most if not all the genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's.''
Tommy Wood, MD
''There was a Lancet Commission report in 2020 that estimated that 40% of dementia is preventable... My guess is that this is actually an underestimate because they didn’t include sleep, they didn’t include nutrient status, particularly homocysteine status, which other individuals have suggested has a population attributable risk of around 20% for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease''
Rhonda Patrick, MD
''Looking at Alzheimer's disease and understanding the underlying cause of it opens up these new avenues for prevention.''
David Sinclair, PhD
''It's not just about ourselves, it's about our families. Many families have had to take care of parents and grandparents that have dementia. This is not pleasant for anybody and we have a responsbility to society and particularly our family members to stay healthy for longer, particularly keeping our brains younger for longer''
Sanjay Gupta, MD
''One thing has become abundantly clearer: Preventing and even treating forms of dementia are largely driven by lifestyle and the choices we make daily. You are not necessarily doomed to whatever fate you think sits stuck in your genes.''
Although BetterBrain is not affiliated with any of these experts, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with their research, books, podcasts, and offerings.

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